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How to Apply for Primary School and Junior High School for Migrant Children

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In accordance with the “Hunan Province's Measures of Compulsory Education for Migrant Children” issued by the General Office of Hunan Province People’s Government, governments of the immigration areas shall shoulder the major responsibility to ensure that the compulsory education, mainly full-time public primary and junior high schooling, is equally accessible to every migrant child.

Primary School 

Application Procedure:

When applying for transference to schools in Wuling District, students who are not permanent residents here (excluding those from Liuye Lake Administrative District, Wuling Town, and Deshan Development Zone) are required to offer their residence booklets, student handbooks, the guardian’s valid employment proofs, and rental contracts or temporary residential permits to the assigned schools near their residences. Soon afterwards the schools will confer a taking-over certificates after deliberation and approval on the applicant students. However, it shall not admit any student in the case that the number of its class students reaches the upper control limit set by the District Education Bureau, and those refused students will then be arranged by the District Education Bureau in accordance with the relatively nearby principle. After that, those applicant students shall return to their former school to handle the transferring procedure, and finally register and pay the tuition fees in the new school.

Application Documents: Schools of the urban areas need to submit all the relevant original documents to the Education Bureau in charge for deliberation and approval.

Migrant Children:

Migrant Children (excluding those with a suburban residence booklet or those from Liuye Lake Administrative District, Wuling Town, and Deshan Development Zone) who apply for enrollment in accordance with the relatively nearby principle are required to provide:

1. Residence booklet;

2. Rental contract;

3. Residence permit;

4. Valid employment proof;

5. Vaccination certificate.

The procedures handling materials mentioned in items 2, 3, and 4 should be done before September 1 of every year and continue to be handled as required without any interruption.

Processing Time:

1. Registering, verifying, publicizing, and confirming the information of elementary school graduates in urban areas: from June 3 to July 8;

2. Accepting the applications of returning students and children of migrant workers: from July 22 to August 15

3. Urban enrollment of private schools: before August 12

4. Area-dividing admission of public schools: in Mid-to-late August

5. The publicity of enrollment and the issuance of admission letter: in late August

Office Address: Basic Education Department of Wuling District Education Bureau

Tel: 0736-7227203


Junior High School

Application Procedure:

1. Information registration.

Returning primary school graduates shall register for enrollment in the Municipal Education Bureau’s Basic Education Department with student handbooks, parents’ (or other legal guardians’) residence booklets, and house property ownership certificates; children of migrant workers shall register with student handbooks, parents’ temporary residence permits, rental contracts and service contracts; Attention: the Municipal Education Bureau will arrange admission to the schools without full students according to relatively nearby principle for students. Therefore, it is unnecessary for students and their parents to contact schools themselves.

2. Information verification. The Basic Education Department will review and verify the submitted information.

3. Information publicity. The students and their parents will be informed of the examined information, and the results will be publicized in Changde Education Network, Wuling Education Information Network, various communities, neighborhoods, and schools for 10 working days.

4. Information confirmation. All enrollment information with no objections after publicity shall be preserved by the Municipal Education Bureau as the only basis for enrollment in public schools and no one can change them.

5. Admission. Public schools admit students on the basis of their residences. The enrollment scope of each junior high school is determined according to the junior high school enrollment plan, students’ distribution, and family address, and on the relatively nearby principle the student's school is determined accordingly.

Private schools formulate and release their own enrollment plans with the approval from the Municipal Education Bureau, and they admit students according to the principles of “priority to students nearby, and independent recruitment”.

The enrollment of municipal junior high schools will begin in mid-and-late August. Around August 23, the applicant can visit the query system of Changde Municipal Urban Admission Decisions ( to search the admission information. Urban primary school graduates shall receive the letter of admission from their original primary schools; Returning students and children of the migrant workers shall obtain an admission letter from the school that accepts them after checking the enrollment results.

Office Address: Basic Education Department of Changde Municipal Education Bureau

Tel: 0736-7717071