Delegation from Beijing Inspect Changde’s National Civilized City Construction

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From Nov 19th to Nov. 20th, Peng Lifeng, Deputy Secretary of Mentougou District Committee in Beijing, led a team to inspect Changde’s national civilized city construction. Member of Changde Party Committee Hu Qiulilng accompanied the inspection. 


The Conversazione

The inspection team first conducted a field trip in Zhilan Sub-district Office of Wuling District, Hengdahuafu Primary School and The Poetry Wall, followed by a conversazione at which related administrative units introduced their work respectively.

Hu Qiuling expressed his sincere welcome to the delegation. He introduced the history, the culture and the social and economic development of Changde, pointing out that the city is also known as National Water-saving City, along with other honorary titles. He contributed the achievements to the idea of “going out”, that is, going to other cities to learn from their experiences.

Peng Lifeng highly valued Changde’s great efforts to keep the national title, and considered this trip very fruitful.


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