Head of Office of Foreign Affairs Commission of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Inspects Changde

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On Nov 18th, Qiu Aihua, Deputy Director of Office of Foreign Affairs Commission of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, led a 4-member team in inspecting Changde’s work on setting up organizations, its management of the foreign-related enterprises and the running system of the foreign affairs and Hong Kong and Macao affairs. Luo Xiandong, member of Changde Party Committee, joined them for the research and gave a speech.


Qiu Reseaches on its production and management in Damen Shipping Co. Ltd, Changde.

 Qiu conducted a field trip to Damen Shipping Co. Ltd, Changde where he asked details such as the production and management condition of this year, the export situation, and the demands from the company as well as held a conversazione to lecture on related foreign affairs policies. Qiu affirmed the achievement the city had made and pointed out that there was great potential for Changde to develop a export-oriented economy pattern as long as the city took a good use of related foreign policies to better provide channels and platforms for local enterprises.

Luo expressed his sincere welcome and thanks toward the team. He pointed out that foreign affairs are a vital part for the party and the country. The party committee of Changde highly valued foreign affairs and always took initiative to reform the organizations so that the work would be pushed forward in a stable way. Luo also emphasized the guidance of the party toward foreign affairs.


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