Site Meetings for Developing Changde Held in Different Parts of Changde

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On Nov. 20th, mobile site meetings themed on “industry-based opening-up policy to build Changde” moved to Wuling District, Xidongting, Anxiang and other counties of Changde city. Municipal Party Secretary Zhou Derui and Mayor Cao Lijun, along with other leaders in the city and counties, inspected the industrial development and project construction in each region.0c37a962f51a4a3e83db440fe0ed8f25.jpg

The team inspected NO. 1 Primary School of Wuling District.

 The team first visited NO. 1 Primary School of Wuling District. As a newly-built one, the school is known for its pleasant teaching environment and facilities. It recruits students of six grades, ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 6, with an expected student number of 1,620. The meeting then moved to Jinshi County, where the team visited Hunan KYE Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VTR. The company is mainly engaged in technological development, transfer and counseling of biomedical products. Its estimated annual output value (AVP) reaches 1 billion yuan, making the taxation of the profit as high as 0.2 billion Yuan. The team also visited companies and plants in Lixian County, Linli County, Shimen County, etc.


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